• Tesro, Airrifle RS100 Signum, Black
1. Buttplate segments individually adjustable and fully covered with rubber. Buttplate with tilt and offset adjustments
2. Laterally offset back stock for an improved ergonomic fit
3. Generous linear adjustment range including a fine adjustment for the height of the cheek piece
4. Grip linear adjustable, swivelable sideways, rotateable and height adjustable
5. Incl. DIO200 Diopter rear sight with 20 Click adjustment
6. Sight is twistable with adjustable height and offset
7. Cocking lever is left - right reversable. Accurate pellet positioning by cocking pin
8. Linear adjustable and swiveable palm rest
9. T-rail integrated
10. Aluminium cylinder fillable to 200 bar and 300 bar
11. Linear adjustable tube for optimal sight radius
12. Twistable M22 front sight. Incl. height adjusting blocks ans offset adjustments

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Tesro, Airrifle RS100 Signum, Black

  • Brand: Tesro
  • Product Code: TE-336100.14.so
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • DKK22,495.00